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richard writes:

> I am headed to Lake Tahoe for the weekend.  First time I have been in
>   cold weather with my pump.  I won't be skiing but I will go for  a hike

well, since you normally keep insulin in the fridge, I'd say unless the temp 
drops much below the temp in your fridge you'd be ok.  If it is gonna be cold 
you might clip in on the inside of your pants, rather than the outside, which 
might be uncomfortable, so some body heat keeps it warmer...or in a pants 
pocket so the warmth of your leg keeps it above 32 degrees. ..it does not 
need to be BODY temp to be ok..i just wouldnt hang it around your neck on the 
outside of your coat...if your coat comes over your waist then the insulation 
and reflective warmth of your body will keep it well above freezing...

and about that belt around your neck?  you are right....hmmmmm are my words 
exactly, and add an arched eyebrow

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