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[IP] Recycling supplies-David

>This post gives me the chance to ask something I've wondered about. I was
>told NEVER to reuse a syringe/reservoir. I was also told never to reuse a
>lancet, or an insulin syringe but I've done it for years with no ill
>Is it in fact possible to reuse a reservoir? I have a Disetronic pump and
>use glass reservoirs. It seems a waste to throw them away after one use.
>David Dougherty

I've reused the glass cartridges several times (I think on the advice of
someone on the list!) & it's worked just fine here.  If you do decide to
reuse them, always check the plunger (?-moving part that pushes the insulin)
to make sure it is still moving easily...if it doesn't move freely without
sticking, it's time for a new cartridge.  As for reuse of lancets/syringes,
check the archives on the website...there was a thread about that up I think
in August or thereabouts.  Many people do reuse these items- in fact, I
think that maybe some of us need to make sure we change lancets when we
check fire alarm batteries, to insure that it happens at least twice a year!
:)  Others feel better changing them every time they pick up their
moniter...example #5,421 of how widely YMMV!

Seriously though...I was relieved to hear my doctor say that reuse was okay
as long as the items are kept covered & clean, not dulled down (does happen
eventually), & used by ONLY yourself.  I've always felt better reusing
because of the sheer amount of plastic this disease causes me to contribute
to landfills somewhere.  Okay, okay, I won't get up on that soapbox- I do
realize that this might not be the right system for everyone...but it works
for me!  :)


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