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[IP] Re: edema, etc

Well I am so glad I found all of you.  I have been had IDDM for 17 years and 
only decided to take care of myself for the past two.  So far no medical 
problems.  I am so glad to hear the problems and solutions all of you have.  
I never understood what the range of a normal bg should be.  I was always so 
embarrased to tell my Dr. that I had a bg of over 200, because he would 
frown and say to do better next time.  I am finally on a better insurance 
that actually has an endo specialist.  I find out tomorrow about seeing him. 
  I have the pump ready to go, just need the doctor to set it up.

My comment on the swelling.  When I was first diagnosed, after going into a 
coma, I remember standing at the kitchen table and feeling myself swell.  
Within 2 minutes a pair of rather loose jeans became too tight.  It happened 
quite a few times, but finally went away.

So basically I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have helped me 
so far better understand what has been going on within my body for 17 years. 
  At least I know I am not alone.  I have only met a couple other people who 
are diabetic (no local support groups for Type 1) on insulin so I have never 
swaped stories/solutions etc.

I can't wait to be pumping and in more control of my life (okay, that in 
itself is a whole different medical/psycological problem!!)

Take care
email @ redacted
coming to you from Southern California

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