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[IP] Sending pump to Dr, or you

Hi all,

My pump was sent to me (after bouncing around between home & my office
which is where it was supposed to be sent).  By the time I got to my "live"
date, I had watched the video, played with the pump, and was pretty
familiar with its operation.  My "education" session only took 2 or 3
hours--mostly how to insert infuction sets, stuff like that.  I had to
prove to them that I could change the batteries before I could leave!  Good
thing, too, as it's hard to change those little batteries with my big fingers!

I think everyone should have the opportunity to be familiar with their pump
and to be able to ask intelligent questions when "live" day arrives.

Celebrating (not! but glad to be doing OK) 30 years of T1 on 12/16/99,
pumping almost 4 and not willing to go back to MDI for anything (I hate NPH!)
Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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