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Re: [IP] When To Test


You're liable to get over 1800 different opinions on this, so here's mine :-)

As a minimum, I check my BG:

1)  When I first wake in the morning
2)  Just before I eat breakfast - this is usually a couple hours after waking
3)  Approximately 2 - 3 hours after breakfast
4)  Before eating lunch
5)  Approximately 2 - 3 hours after lunch
6)  Before leaving work at the end of the day
7)  Before dinner
8)  Before bed
9)  Whenever I feel confused, or "out of it"

In addition:

1)  Always before driving, sometimes during the drive, depending on length 
of time behind the wheel
2)  Always before / after exercise, sometimes during, depending on 
intensity and duration
3)  Whenever things are not working right

I test my BG based on events, rather than a predefined clock based 
schedule. I find this routine gives me sufficient data points to spot 
trends, sniff out problems and try to find solutions. If I were to test 
according to a specific time schedule, I'd also get a lot of data points, 
but they'd be less useful for me, because they'd have a stronger 
correlation to the clock than they do to my schedule, which is flexible. If 
I were to test 30 minutes after lunch for example, because the clock says 
that's the scheduled time to test, all it tells me is that my insulin is 
slightly out of phase with my carbohydrate metabolism. Since I rely on 
exogenous insulin, these curves will never match perfectly, I'd be chasing 
my tail :-(

I'm not one of the "lucky" persons, whose BG remains fairly constant 
through the day, reacts predictably to carbohydrates, stress, etc. I still 
have a tendency toward unexpected swings in BG levels, and times where my 
bod refuses to metabolize the several gallons of High Test Humalog I pour 
into the "Insulin Black Hole". Keeping my testing schedule event driven, 
rather than clock driven helps me balance things.


Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Steve asked:

>I normally test every 3 hours between 5:30am and 8:30pm. When I eat and bolus,
>and then test an hour later (according to this schedule), my numbers are high.
>I'm not too worried about being high at this point, since most of the 
>bolus has
>not had a chance to take effect. But I was wondering ... would I be better
>staying on this schedule and recognizing the reason for these highs, or 
>would it
>be better to switch to a schedule that accounts for eating times, or would 
>it be
>better to use some combination of clock time and eating time?

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