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[IP] Re: Humalog and heat?

>This post gives me the chance to ask something I've wondered about. I was
>told NEVER to reuse a syringe/reservoir. I was also told never to reuse a
>lancet, or an insulin syringe but I've done it for years with no ill effect.
>Is it in fact possible to reuse a reservoir? I have a Disetronic pump and
>use glass reservoirs. It seems a waste to throw them away after one use.

Our CDE says she thinks it is strange that Shane DOESN'T reuse his
insulin syringes. He does reuse lancets and she says thats fine with her
as long as he keeps it clean, etc.  On the reserviors, she says they
should generally be used only once. In cases where people have to pay
their own way and must save every penny possible, she says they might be
able to get away with resue, but after about 2-3 uses the lubrication
will be gone and this can cause problems. A while back there were some
posts on sucking the insulin from the tube back into the reservoir when
changing a set/tube but not the reservoir. She says this is another of
those "I wouldn't recommend it but if you are really in a pinch then you
might try it".  We have decided that since insurance pays for most
everything and we can afford the difference we will play it safe, but it
does seem pretty wasteful when we think about how much stuff gets thrown
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