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[IP] Humalog and heat?

Here's a dead horse that hasn't been beaten for awhile...

I live in Phoenix (today's high: 88) and pump Humalog exclusively, and have
found, particularly in the summer, that after about 2.5 days in my pump, my
BGs start to climb.  At first I thought it was classic site deterioration,
but after some experimentation, it seems that the Humalog itself has lost
some of it's effectiveness.

To make a long story short, what seems to work well for me is to change my
site every 4 days, but to ONLY fill the reservoir with 2 days worth of
insulin.  Then, after 2 days, I refill the reservoir (and reprime the
tubing) with another 2 days worth.  This secondary fill (without changing
the site) seems to work just fine, even though the site hasn't been changed.

My question is, has anyone else noticed any apparent decreased Humalog
effectiveness (after it's been in the pump for a few days), while the site
is apparently still working fine?

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