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[IP] A day without life support

This happened to my son.  Thank God I just happened to be there to help.

My teenage son works at McDonalds.  He normally uses several meters kept at
home, in his school locker, and in his car.  The day he forgot his meter was
a hot and terribly busy day at McDonalds.  I happened to stop in, and I
noticed he was sweating and his color was blotchy.  I knew something was
wrong, so I walked up to the front of the line and asked him.  He said he
felt funny & terrible, but he couldn't figure out if he was high or low and
he forgot his meter.  He drank a non-diet Coke, and I drove home (a 20
minute drive) so fast and back again hoping a cop would come to my rescue --
I felt this was an emergency.  When I got back, he took it from me and cooly
dismissed me with, "thanks, Mom, bye."  Here I just saved his life (I
thought) and I never did find out how he was!

This kid normally knows what his BGs are at any given time and how most
foods affect him.  He manages so well, and this seems so easy for him.  I
think he learned that day that weird & unexpected things can happen and how
much he depends on his meter to make life supporting decisions.  He uses an
Advantage model (can't remember what it's called) and the FastTake.  

On another note, a coworker's husband just received a pancreas/kidney
transplant yesterday.  I hope the pump and my son can work together for a
long time and avoid complications that would lead to this.  I'm not sure
what would be worse, managing diabetes or the transplant.  My prayers have
been with that family.
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