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Re: [IP] Corrections

> Curiosity question:
> At what point do you correct for a reading? Sara says she corrects
> for a 160 down to 140 -- at what point do you decide to correct, and
> how much do you correct to?

Consider it simply from an engineer - systems problem point of view.

If the target is 100 and you have not had anything to eat for 3 - 4 
hours (humalog) and you are routinely stable during the day, then a 
correction from 120 to 100 would probably be fine. 

If the target is 100, and it has been 2 hours since you ate and your 
bg is 180 - 190, there remains in your system approximately 25-30% of 
your meal bolus + an undetermined amount of undigested carb. A 
correction at this point could easily cause you to go low. Only 
experience with the particular food stuff could tell you how to make 
that decision.

These two examples are the extremes of what you might expect. If your
post-prandial readings at 2 hours are aways 160 and you are familiar 
with the foodstuff and your bodies response to it AND that in another 
hour or so you will be back to 100, then a small correction for a 
blood sugar higher than 160 (under this controlled set of 
circumstances) would be in order. i.e. you find a 200 and bolus for a 
40 point drop.

As always YMMV

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