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Re: [IP] marathon soccer

> Our daughter has started having some very strenuous basketball
> workouts the last week and we've had a devil of a time trying to
> keep her BS under 300 by the time the practice or game is over. 
> I've been hesitant to do much of a correction because about 11 at
> night it starts dropping like a rock and I'm up feeding her glucose
> tablets.

Lily turns her night time basals down 0.1u/hr after strenuous 
workouts. If it's a tournament weekend, this is sometimes 0.2u/hr at 
night and 0.1u/hr during the day "in addition" until she's had a full 
24 hours to get back to normal.

We are trying the pre-game snack routine also. Haven't yet got 
definitive results to discuss.

Meal boluses don't seem affected.

>  My wish list
> Michael....a noninvasive, continuous glucose sensor with an alarm
> for highs and lows.

There is at least one and possibly 2 companies working on permanent 
implant glucose sensors - I would guess with external read-out 

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