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[IP] Re: A day without life support

Julie, I searched around until I found a purse that could comfortably hold
my meter, a vial of strips, my poker (what's the real name for it?!?), my
Glucotabs and my Novopen in case my pump fails me. So everything I need is
always in my purse, and I take the purse to bed with me at night, too, so I
can test there before sleep and first thing in the a.m.

All of you who have reassured me that I'm normal have made it clear, though,
that I might be better off having multiple meters, so as not to keep all my
eggs in one basket. :)


Subject: Re: [IP] A day without life support

I am always forgetting to take my meter with me.  How do you carry it
around?  What about when you go to the mall or whatever, running errands,
etc...do you leave it in the car?  How do you keep the strips from getting
too hot?  I do take it to school with me since I have an hour commute and
like to test before the drive home- I never test during class, though, if I
am low I just take tablets.  In public and around large groups of people I
know I am to self-conscious to test, and I hate testing in bathrooms.  I'm
still trying to find motivation to make me test more often and the curage to
do it in front of people.  Any tips?

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