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Re: [IP] Expensive Cat Toys

> Advice to pumpers with cats: While I realize that YFMV (your felines may
> vary), be very careful in matters of cat/tubing proximity.  One of my 2
> cats, Kali (the black demon with white whiskers), firmly believes that the
> insulin tubing is the most wonderful chew toy I've ever brought home for
> her. 

I have a cat that reacts similarly, except that she DOES sleep with me!
She also goes to the toilet with me, and I'm constantly having to guard
my tubing!

Her favorite trick is to leap at the tubing after I've pulled up my
pants, but before I've had time to tuck in the tubing -- so far, she's
never succeeded in pulling out a set, but, well there's always next
time! :)

Last night, I had a set come out for the first time -- of course, if it
had been there a few days, I wouldn't have minded, but I just put it in
yesterday! :(

Oh well, keeps MiniMed raking in the money!  :)

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