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Re: [IP] help on our start day

> OK group, 
> I have been lurking for a couple of months and have asked a few
> questions.  Today we started my 7 yr old Mike on the pump (MiniMed
> 508).  All went great until we got a low battery warning.  I called
> MIniMed and changed to new batteries. No Problem.  Since then,
> (about 7:30) we now have high numbers.  Before dinner he was 92.  He
> ate stuffed pizza crusts - we bolused accordingly.  I know from the
> posts that pizza is hard to deal with.  At at 8:28 - 274, at 8:37
> 286, at 8:58 - 317.  Is it the pizza or do I have another problem?
> No ketones.  Should I ride it out or call endo?  

Probably the pizza. The cheese contains a lot of protein that is 
slowly converted to carb over a 3 - 7 hour period depending on the 
speed at which it digests, which is also influenced by the fat 
content which, in general, slows down digestion. You will have to 
experiment with pizza from the same vendor, same amount eaten, etc... 
to find the right dose of insulin and the timing to cover the meal. 
This will probably change somewhat for different vendors and will be 
a LOT less for frozen - supermarket pizza. They're skimpy-er with the 

Problems with DKA generally should not occur as long as there is 
insulin delivery. You need three things together to get DKA

1) High bg's
2) Ketones
3) Dehydration
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