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[IP] Re: A day without life support

I have more than one meter... one at home, one at work, and one I can drag
around with me... :)  I'm not sure what kind of meter you have, but I agree
you can probably get another one free, since the companies make much more
money on the testing strips than they do on the meters.  I did one worse
than that... I'm not pumping yet, hope to be soon... (darn insurance
companies) but we went to visit my daughter for a day (she lives 3 hours
away from me) and I packed my gear together before we left.  But I didn't
realize until we sat down for dinner that I had forgotten to put the insulin
in!  I had already ordered before I realized this, so only ate a few protein
items in the meal and skipped the carbos.  We had another 2 hours before we
would get home, but it worked out ok.  My endo said I would have to go a bit
longer than that to develope serious problems and just taking my shot a few
hours late wouldn't do that, but, I plan to NEVER do that again!  What
stress THAT caused... ah the joys of being D.... :)

T1 for 37 years, hoping to be pumping soon............................

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