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Re: [IP] rollercoaster levels and nausea

Susan - You're fine.  Anytime I have a dramatic low and then high (or vice
versa) I feel sick for a good day, especially when it happens overnight
(because there is added sleep deprivation on top of it all).  You feel this
way too because you are dehydrated.  When the blood sugar goes high, the
body gets dehydrated.  Drink lots of water and you should start feeling
better in a few hours.  Linda
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From: Susan Fisher <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 9:33 AM
Subject: [IP] rollercoaster levels and nausea

>I feel *awful*, beyond awful today...
>last night I woke up with a major low - so low that I couldn't get the food
>in my mouth - wasn't fully aware of what was going on - even though I had
>glucose tablets on my table for some reason I thought they were sugar-free
>(yes, I swear to goodness that is what I thought).  So I ate a lot of
>cereal, knowing that that spikes me fast. (yes, bad choice probably, but
>hey, it worked)
>Of course, I ate too much and knew this when I started to feel normal/had
>mind again.  So I set an alarm for an hour to get up test and bolus - I was
>still shaky and didn't want to give anything yet.  I also didn't know how
>low I had been because I was so "gotta get food" mindset that I didn't even
>test.  The reason for the low was an overcorrection to a high earlier in
>So then I slept through the alarm, and of course wake up beyond high
>(380!!!).  Now I am finally leveling out at 85, but...
>I am so nauseous I feel like I cannot even stand up... has anyone else had
>this after a rollercoaster day?  (278 -> beyond low -> 380 -> 85...)  Or do
>I have another reason to be concerned, ie. getting sick or something?  No
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