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[IP] RE: insurance, Kaiser, et al

Just a reminder to post state's when referring to insurance.  I had Kaiser
in GA, and know that it is completely different that Kaiser of NC or Kaiser
of Calif for example.

In GA, I could chose whatever pump I wanted and my DME was only 50%
A friend with Kaiser in NC (who apparently is having financial problems)
denies pumps to everyone - no buts.

It differs by state...

> Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 23:59:01 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re:[IP] Bob (2 cats + 1 dog) Kaiser
> Hi,  I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that you haven't had any
> problems with Kaiser.  It has been giving me nightmares since
> I've found out
> how expensive the pump supplies are - have been afraid I'd have
> to continue
> Cobra until it ran out and then look for other options!  Does
> Kaiser have you
> order your supplies monthly or can you get more than one month supply?  I
> have been changing the infusion site at least every 2 days.
> Either I get a
> bad site or something and my bg's go UP UP UP.
> Thanks for the welcome!

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