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Re: [IP] Has Anyone Else Had This Problem


>I'm having a problem that wastes sillhouettes in that I can't get the cannula
>inserted when using my stomach sites. Apparently the skin has gotten very
>tough (big surprise after 19 years of injections and pumping). 

Do you use alcohol to prep the site?  If so, it can toughen the skin. 
Hibiclens works well to sanitize the site.  Rinse it off with water and let it

>What happens is that the inserter needle goes in rather unwillingly but the
>cannula refuses to follow it. The cannula just bunches up on the inserter 
>needle and ends up in a little ball on the outside of the skin. 

Wow! I haven't had this problem (knock on wood) but I suggest you use alternate
sites for awhile. (Upper "backside" works great for me).  While resting your
abdomen, you might want to give it intensive moisture therapy (lotsa lotion). 
Maybe you can rejuvinate and soften the skin.  I've heard that skin replaces
itself in about 27 days... I don't know if this would be long enough.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Mary Jean

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