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Re: [IP] Fwd: have some questions (long sorry!)-upper abdomen

In a message dated 11/10/99 10:05:08 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< If I go above the belly button there isnt much to grab, alot of 
ribs though so would I avoid this area? >>

My current favorite site area is in front of the ribs just below the breasts. 
When I am lying down, it is hard to believe there is any space there, almost 
nothing to pinch, but I insert sitting down bent slightly forward, pinch up 
and insert a silhouette into the side of the pinched up area so that it is 
very close to being parallel with the ribcage.  The farther down toward the 
waist I go, the more likely I am to have trouble (though most of the sites 
work fine).  I have not found sofsets to work well there, and can't imagine 
even trying them farther up.

Linda Zottoli
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