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[IP] Shane's basal concerns (longish)

Shane has only been pumping a week so we are still working on basals.
Our question right now concerns the nightime ones. In particular, we
know that the idea of the basal is to maintain a steady BG in the
absence of food and bolus insulin, but what does "steady" really mean?
Here are Shane's basals and his BGs last night. He munched some baby
carrots about 6pm but otherwise had no food or boluses all night:
basals : 2pm-12 .6
	 12-3am .5
	 3-7am  .8
BGs:	8pm  150
	10pm 111
	12am 89
	3am  138
	6am  79
I know all these numbers are within our initial target range of 80-150,
and are in fact much better than anything he ever did on injections! Our
concern however is the 60 point drop between 8 and 3. (or even the 20
points between 10 and 12).  Is a 60 point variation still considered
"steady"? The CDE didn't seem concerned and said she would like to leave
him at the same levels another day and have him eat supper and see what
happens, because "he will usually be eating supper".  But the whole
reason we went on the pump is that we would like to be able to skip
supper or do other "weird" things with meals and not have a problem. For
now I am giving her the benefit of the doubt but would like to have some
suggestions to give when we call in tomorrow morning, because we plan on
counting everything for supper VERY precisely tonight and I think we
will still see the same pattern.  We don't have other nights to compare
with because so far he has had pizza 2 nights and Chinese 1 night and
fasted the other night, but missed the alarm at 12...
thanks for any suggestions/advice.
Laura & Shane
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