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[IP] Started Insulin in Pump

Finally got started with insulin in my pump yesterday. So far it is working
very well. This is so much better than MDI there is no comparison.

I finally got an official diagnosis of what "type" diabetic I am. I have
always assumed I was type 2 since I was diagnosed at 40 and am overweight.
The doctor told me that actually I am a late adult onset type 1. I still
have enough beta function left to prevent ketosis but that's about it. I am
hoping to preserve this for a while since it makes diabetes easier to

Also, some of you may remember that last week I mentioned that the doctor
had said I wouldn't be bolusing for snacks. I now have an explanation. Until
we get the basal rates set correctly I am supposed to snack ONLY to bring up
a low, and naturally I wouldn't bolus in this case. It all makes sense now

Thanks for all your help. I'm sure I will be needing more of it in the very
near future.

David Dougherty

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