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From: Subject: Re: [IP] marathon soccer

You're on the right track.  My 10 year old had the rising sugars with her 3
hour gymnastics workouts.  But the more "trained" your body becomes, the
rise tends to not happen.  Now, after 1.25 years with both a pump and
gymnastics, her body doesn't need the extra insulin before practice or meets
any more.  So, she had about a 25 gram snack before practice, keeps the same
basal rates during practice, and we bolus less for supper after practice
(1:18 or 1:20 depending on how strenous the workout was, as opposed to 1:15
the rest of the time).  I still always check her at MN on gym days, often
find she needs a little milk then.  So, keep doing what you're doing now,
and don't be surprised if changes later.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

Our daughter has started having some very strenuous basketball workouts the
last week and we've had a devil of a time trying to keep her BS under 300

Tonight I went ahead and bolused the full amount for her snack before
practice.  Well, at least it worked for tonight.  Lauren's BS was 135
about 1/2 hour after practice.  Yeah!  I've adjusted her basal rate down for
the next few hours and hopefully we'll have a more peaceful night.  Of
I'll still be getting up every few hours to check

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