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[IP] Has Anyone Else Had This Problem (was Write Mini Med)

Bonnie Richardson wrote:

>Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 12:34:36 -0800
>From: "Bonnie Richardson" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Write Mini Med
>Suzanne Hoppe wrote:
>>> 1)  It seems like whenever I change my infusion set, I use the SoftSet, I
>>> always seem to pick a "wrong" site.  I end up taking it out and using
>>> another set.  This is getting expensive and it worries me.
>> Sara wrote
>>"At this point, I don't think SofSets are available as just the infusion
>>set without the tubing. It would be nice if they were. You CAN just
>>change the site, and throw away the extra tubing -- that, at least,
>>wouldn't waste the insulin, and makes the set change a little faster,
>>provided you have enough insulin in your syringe to last until next
>>time! :)
>Sils ARE available as a combo pack of 10 buttons and 5 tubings, and a
>lot of people are using them that way with no problem. I wonder if
>MiniMed will get the message! "
>Bonnie Richardson

I'm having a problem that wastes sillhouettes in that I can't get the cannula
inserted when using my stomach sites. Apparently the skin has gotten very
tough (big surprise after 19 years of injections and pumping). 

What happens is that the inserter needle goes in rather unwillingly but the
cannula refuses to follow it. The cannula just bunches up on the inserter 
needle and ends up in a little ball on the outside of the skin. 

Given the number of long-term diabetics in this list I'd expect somebody
else to have had the same problem (but maybe not). Any ideas about how to 
fix the problem?

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