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[IP] Expensive Cat Toys

>Hi to your kitties.  I have 1 female, Abby and three males, Sebastian, Neko
>and Zack and they pretty much rule the house.

Advice to pumpers with cats: While I realize that YFMV (your felines may
vary), be very careful in matters of cat/tubing proximity.  One of my 2
cats, Kali (the black demon with white whiskers), firmly believes that the
insulin tubing is the most wonderful chew toy I've ever brought home for
her.  Since she's not the cat who sleeps with us (they have a very tight
schedule & work in specific shifts at our house...she's the day cat), I
don't have to worry about waking up with it in shreds.  The thing I do have
to take care with is sitting with her in my lap or at my feet while I'm
involved in something else entirely (like posting to/reading this list)...a
few times I've realized that the contented purring is coming from a cat who
is intently munching on tubing!  I think that the first time she ever
actually punctures the line & comes up with a taste of insulin the
attraction may decrease markedly- but I'd just as soon avoid that scenario
altogether (I hate the smell of insulin...I can't ever imagine the taste of
it- blech!!), so I have become somewhat defensive of my "extension cord"!
Cat owners...beware!!!


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