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[IP] Flu shots & reactions

Sara's flu shot story made me think of something that might be worth passing
along.  When my mom got a flu shot a few years back, she became incredibly
ill for weeks & swore off them.  She had never actually had the flu, was
getting the shot on advice given at her school for all employees to get one
as a precautionary measure, as the outbreak was predicted to be pretty bad
that year.  Anyway, last year because she had had a variety of health issues
& we were all very worried about her (we do that...it's in the family
contract!  :)  ), & because I think her doctor pushed the issue as well, she
went to get another one.  As the school nurse was drawing up the needle, Mom
jokingly said "Now this isn't going to make me sick, is it?"  The nurse said
"Not unless you're allergic to eggs"...well, you guessed it- she IS allergic
to eggs!  The nurse said had she taken that, she'd have ended up in the
emergency room within the next 24 hours!  When asked about allergies, she
had responded with info about medical tape/medicine allergiy info, not
realizing that the shot's composition could have any connection with a
common food product.
Moral of the story:  If you do react severely to a shot like this (or have
in the past), make your doctor aware of it to see if he/she thinks that for
you it should be a "normal" response or if the source might be another cause
completely.  Also, even though it is a kind of neat thing that services like
flu shots are often offered at various places within the community (schools,
grocery stores, etc.), those of us with an "interesting" medical profile are
probably far better off in the long run scheduling such services from our
primary care physician, who has more info/experience with our medical

Okay, end of sermon.  Incidentally, I'm getting my first flu shot ever next
week.  I had never really given it much though before, & when I asked my
doctor she said that I could go elsewhere or schedule with her, but to
definitely get one.  After reading the various posts, I'm maybe just a
little concerned with the whole "high numbers" issue...although I am SO GLAD
that, thanks to the list, I'm forewarned that this may happen.  Thanks for
the info, & wish me luck!


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