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Re: [IP] pump approval

Erinn -

When I got my pump (delivered to ME) first thiing I noticed, was lo battery
alert.  OK - got new batteries - a good exercise, as then I knew where to
get them, and how much they cost.  But, then I set the time, day, etc.
practised setting bolus rates (didn't know anythiing about square waves, or
suspend at that time).
I think in the future, you may like to have the pump delivered to you to
practise with, and to get to know.  To just hold that magical invention in
your hand for the first time is too incredible for words - but, every Doc is
different.  It took me that whole first night to set the correct date and
time - tee-hee!  A computer guru, I'm NOT!

Good luck, and happy pumping!   jane

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