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Re: [IP] Flu shot

Hey guys, there are lots of reasons, as we all well know, for BGs to go out
of whack occasionally, but getting the flu from a flu shot is not one of
them.  You might get a local reaction at the injection site, you might have
already had a slight cold (thinking, "hmmm, I haven't had myflu shot yet"),
or if a kid you might get stressed out by that 3 inch needle in the nurses
hands, or it might be those glucose gremlins that inhabit our inner parts,
but don't blame the flu.  There is no live virus in the flu shot vaccines.
They viruses are all dead and cannot reproduce inside you.  So try to
relax.  All diabetics should be getting this shot each year, unless a
physician has determined for some reason that it is not advisable.   We've
been fortunate in this country not to have had a recent bad situation with
influenza, but influenza can and does kill even healthy people with
functioning pancreases, so it is not a disease to be ignored.  Especially
when the solution is so easy.

<<<<<<<I've received the flu shot for years and this year learned two
things to pass
After feeling badly that I postponed for so long I was told that it was a
good thing, as it lasts for 90 days and early November is a better than
getting it in October.
I am miserable today, as I received it yesterday and now I can't seem to get
my bgs to come down.  I thought with the pump, I'm new to it this year, this
wouldn't happen, yet it did.  My readings are in the high 400s and low 500s
(this NEVER happens) and I have upped my rate, taken additional bolusses and
waited with no change.  I just injected a few units and have put a call in to
my Dr.   It is like having a viral thing and I remember reading a post from
someone asking about possible reactions or changes in bgs. FYI, be prepared
for some "downtime" after the flu shot.>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>From: Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>
Ok, I know i am walking on dangerous ground  by saying this, so please be
kind. I have had the flu shot twice in my life and those corresponded to
the two
times I have had the flu.  I decided that maybe my immune system was
so that I got diabetes but not for other things like the flu?  Don't get me
wrong, I
think for many people getting the flu shot is a great idea, but for me it
is not.
Why choose to get sick?
- -- Sherry>>>>>>>

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