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Re: [IP] protein diet

In a message dated 11/10/99 3:16:34 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< As for my blood sugars they have been awesome
 this past week they have been around 88 to 104. As for  feeling hypo
 this morning was the first time my blood sugars fell under 70. My Dr,
 does not know that I am doing this diet and that it has put me into
 ketosis. With being a type 2 diabetic I do not have the same problem
 with the ketoacidosis that type 1's do but I still wonder if this diet
 can be causeing damage to my kidneys as well. >>
Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but if your sugars are 88 to 104, and you're 
type 2; how could you be in ketosis?  Am I missing something, I thought type 
2's didn't do ketosis.  If you lost 10 pounds and are not in DKA, then YIPEE! 
  If DKA is a problem, get off it NOW before you do permanent damage to your 
kidneys (I know, I have).  The reason your sugars are so good on this diet is 
because the carbs in protein are low and take a long time to metabolize.  The 
veggies provide lots of fiber and are again low carb.  

Best wishes,
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