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Re: [IP] Cereal

> Any cereal spikes me!

even shredded wheat?

how about trader joe's 'good friends'?  incredibly great and very high in


> Which is a shame because I love cereal and milk. But I can't figure out
> a way to eliminate the spike without going low later.

geneva treats her cereals like pizza.  three hour tempbasal  at 0.3 units
HIGHER than normal.  now ...normally around 10 am she starts to drop.  but
with high glycemic cereals  ...her temp basal seems to keep her even.

> And I've started having problems with lows for the first time since
> going on the pump -- practically every day at 10 AM or so.

from 10 or 11 am until about 2-3 pm...geneva requires less insulin goes from
0.5 down to 0.2 or 0.3.

a thought.

ruth and geneva

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