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RE: [IP] corn starch vs corn meal and spiking

At 10:20 AM 11/10/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Your luck might be better with the nasty-sweetened cerals that the 
>kids like. Most of the sugar used is the complex kind and it is 
>slowly digested so you get a fairly smooth glucose release to the 
>blood stream. Things like corn flakes - plain - are highly refined 
>grains that you can convert to glucose pronto, easier than the 
>complex sugars -- thus a quick bg rise.
>email @ redacted

I must confess that I have never heard of "slow" sugars.  I posted
yesterday that fructose seemed to show up as glucose in my blood as rapidly
as sucrose.  Is there professional literature that backs this up?  Can you
(without a lot of trouble) direct me to the substantiating literature?  I
mean no insult by asking but I am curious.
Very respectfully,
Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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