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[IP] These Dreams...

> Kinda off the topic here but does anyone notice that they will have a
>about being low and the wake up to check and discover that they are
>low?  I have started to notice this pattern.  I always dream that I am
>treating a low and I OVER treat by eating a whole thing of Ben and Jerrys
>a whole box of cookies.  Then I wake up, check and I really am low.  Maybe
>am strange like this.
>            Cheri:)


I usually dream that I am extremely upset (angry or afraid) & wake up to
find that I'm low.  I just figure that it's my mind's way of alerting my
body when something is just not right.  Last week I awakened one night from
a dream in which my meter gave me a reading of 628, & I was repeating the
check over & over again to see if it was the meter that was off.  When I
woke up & checked, my numbers were fine...I think I had been reading one too
many IP postings when it was past my bedtime!!  :)


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