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[IP] Storage of small stuff

>>I will start collecting the little caps now.  using an empty test strip
>>container for now as storage.

This just made me think of something I did when on injections that worked
extremely well- I used to carry my insulin vials in empty One Touch test
strip containers...they are the perfect size for this.  I took a sharpie
marker (it's a theatre thing...never leave home without it!) & put a U on
the Ultralente lid & an H on the Humalog lid.  Nowadays I have a really
nifty little soft kind of styrofoamy capsule that the vials travel in, in
the "emergency kit."  I got them at I think K Mart or Wal-Mart in a
two-pack- they are really good for maintaining a good safe insulin
temperature when the atmospheric temps are extreme.  Also, I carry extra
lancets (not that I ever think to change them!) in an empty FastTake test
strip container...again, the size is just right!  Nice how those companies
think to do this for us!!  :)


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