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Re: [IP] marathon soccer

Our daughter has started having some very strenuous basketball workouts the 
last week and we've had a devil of a time trying to keep her BS under 300 by 
the time the practice or game is over.  I've been hesitant to do much of a 
correction because about 11 at night it starts dropping like a rock and I'm 
up feeding her glucose tablets.

Tonight I went ahead and bolused the full amount for her snack before 
practice.  I had been bolusing only half her usual amount per her CDE's 
recommendation.  Well, at least it worked for tonight.  Lauren's BS was 135 
about 1/2 hour after practice.  Yeah!  I've adjusted her basal rate down for 
the next few hours and hopefully we'll have a more peaceful night.  Of course 
I'll still be getting up every few hours to check....just in case :-).  My 
wish list Michael....a noninvasive, continuous glucose sensor with an alarm 
for highs and lows.

Pam - Mom to Lauren, age 9
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