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Re: [IP] help on our start day (pizza)

  He ate stuffed pizza crusts - we bolused accordingly.  I know from the 
posts that pizza is hard to deal with.  At at 8:28 - 274, at 8:37 286, at 
8:58 - 317.  Is it the pizza or do I have another problem? No 
ketones.  Should I ride it out or call endo?

>Sue Cahill
>mom of SIXSONS
>Mike, 7 yrs, dx 1-97 pumping since 3:00 p.m. today

Hi Sue

I would have to say I bet it was the Pizza..  I have a totally different 
Carb to insulin ratio when i eat pizza. and i also split my boluses  (since 
i don't have square wave).  I would see how he does for awhile longer.  How 
are his Basal rate ?  That may also have something to do with it..  If his 
Basal rates are wrong his BG will go back up after the Boluses start to 
ware off.   My suggestion  (and only a suggestion) is to see how the basal 
rates are and once you get his BG down see if they stay down..  I have to 
admit that the pump can be frustrating and hard to "get the hang of" at the 

you will do good  it will just take a little time.

Brian Carter
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Mailto:email @ redacted
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