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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

a person can not be both type 1 and 2.  Atype 1's body looses the capacity to 
make insulin because of the destruction of the beta cells.  Type 2's make 
insulin, ie have beta cells to do so.  Usally, a type 2 at first will 
actually over produce insulin because the body detects that the sugar in not 
being taken in to the cells to use.  After a while the pancrease slows down 
and eventually only produce very small amounts of insulin, but the beta cells 
do not die. A type 2 is insulin resistent, meaning they can not use what they 
got for various reasons.  A person with type 1 can be more insulin sensitive 
during times of the day, sites used...., however a type 1 is a type 1 and a 2 
is a two.  There has been some discussion of a type 1.5, but I have heard 
only sparatic stuff of this.  A type 1 will dye with out insulin.

hope i helped!
amy c
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