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[IP] Fwd: have some questions (long sorry!)


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Well tomorrow is 1 full week. The first 3 days I was low all day and thanks 
to this list it must have been residual lente. Now I am up and down. Getting 
pretty frustrated.My daily total of insulin on MDI was 27 units and now Iam 
taking almost 20 unit on the pump and that is with 3 meals no snacks at all 
because I am too high for a snack. Unless I bolus for one.It isnt working so 
well. I thought when on the pump you use alot less insulin?More insulin for 
me seems to bring on weight and I am trying to avoid this. But can one take 
more insulin on the pump then with MDI or is it just until my basals are set 
correctly? OK # 2 I have a small pouch in the abdomen which is where I inject 
but it has been getting tender after 2 days(no redness or infection) might 
the insulin not be absorbing as well because I used my abdomen a lot on MDI 
for 17 years. If I go above the belly button there isnt much to grab, alot of 
ribs though so would I avoid this area? There is about a 1/2 inch that is 
pinchable maybe a little more.How far to the sides of the belly button can 
you go?? Thank you to everyone in advance. Not much support from CDE or Dr. 
This list really helps :o) Leesa                   
email @ redacted

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