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Re: [IP] I am about ready to quit

At 7:31 AM -0800 11/10/99, CARRIE VARGAS wrote:
>	I am sick and tired of feeling like I am being attacked and I am about
>ready to have myself removed from this list.  There are way too many
>insensitive people on this list (and I realize some may think that I am
>being too sensitive, but feelings can't be changed).


Here's a safe rule; Don't make jokes about a religion that's not your own.
Even at that, it's a guarantee you'll offend someone deeply. But at least
you might really understand why.
	 I cover religion for The Dallas Morning News. And one of my
standard lines is that I've never had the chance to offend more people so
easily and unintentionally. People who care about their religion *really*
care. And for some of them, jokes cut much more deeply that the teller
would ever intend.
	End of non-pumping content.
	Still trying to decide between the MM and the D. I'm about ready to
flip a coin...

Jeffrey Weiss
email @ redacted
Dallas, TX

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