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[IP] Basal Rate and Insulin Resistance >

Richard asks

>  is it unusual to have such a change in basal rates from the
>  1.2 from 6-12 then drop it all the way down to .7 at 12:00pm.  

well, I am .4 from 12 midnight to 530am, then go up to .8 or .9 until 
9am...when i drop back down to .5 for the day.  I am literally DOUBLING my 
insulin needs for the morning rush of hormones. so I wouldnt say you are is 
so weird...every body is different.  

Are you sure you aren't snacking a little on the side that you aren't 
bolusing for, and  using basal to keep you down?  I know I tend to snack 
mindlessly in the afternoon, or when I am stressed, but I resist raising my 
basal, cuz then I am just over insulinating myself and if I dont snack, i go 

>  wondering if I am building up insulin resistance in the mornings by
>  setting my basal rate so high.  

well my CDE suggested that my basals might be too high last summer and htough 
I protested that i had basal tested, she had me cut them slightly, and rather 
than agressively treat a high, just kinda slide it down slowly - it dont aim 
for a 200 point drop in 2 hours...which freaks your body out and causes 
further dumpage of hormones...so for about 2 weeks at those lowre basal 
rates, I ran a little higher...Your body evidently gets USED to having all 
that insulin, so the liver meets the challenge by providing the glycagen 
necessary for the extra insulin...Within 2 weeks, i was back to being able to 
say my basals were right on, yet I was taking a FULL two units less per day 
as basal!

>  Sometimes I can start my morning at 6:00am with a BG of 92 
> and by 12:00pm it can be around 140-150.  

perhaps the 92 is on the way up from a crash durin gyour sleep....the body 
had dumped in hormones to save your life,so 92 looks great, but obviously you 
are not gonna bolus for that, and those hormones make you go up up 
up...though perhaps it is the fact you arent eating breakfast...maybe you are 
on the way down when you check and get 92, you crash but not bad enough to 
feel hypo and your body does the glycagen dump which makes you go up...Are 
you doing 3 am tests to see if you are crashing at nigth and then rebounding 
in the morning??  Consider having SOMETHING in the am to bolus for...a glass 
of juice...a piece of bread - something so your body doesnt FREAK and sense 
you are starving, hence the hormone dump

good luck

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