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Re: [IP] marathon soccer

> Thanks Michael for the advice. Does Lily get the mid game spikes? If
> we did nothing...he would be in normal range at 2 hours and then
> very low at 3. Strange phenomenon this exercise stuff. Sometimes at
> 1/2 time he is over 250 where he started at 110. Very weird... We
> were wondering if he would get the glucose dump a 2nd time if game 2
> is within a few hours?

It has varied over the years. Some time ago, she would simple go low 
due to all the energy being used up. Lately, her liver has dumped and 
she gets a mid game spike, and sometimes the "nervous" spike 
pre-game. We are trying a small snack + bolus pre game to make sure 
there is enough insulin in her system to keep her liver happy during 
the game. Don't know yet if this is going to work.
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