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[IP] just said NO to flu shot

Sherry wrote:
>  Ok, I know i am walking on dangerous ground  by saying this, 

round here, lately, everything is dangerours ground!!  tee hee

>  I have had the flu shot twice in my life and those corresponded 
> to the two  times I have had the flu.  

DITTO.  I had the flu shot once when i was in high school and got pretty sick 
that year....i usually get a good cold every year but in my business I come 
in contact with a lot os sickies.  (heh heh), so a cold here and there is to 
be expected.  Only once in the last 20 years have I truly had the flu BAD 
enough to even go to the emergency room...and it turns out I didn't have the 
flu at all, but pneumonia...and htey wanted to keep me there...but I was in a 
show that night, so I didn't stay.

Get the flu shot if it makes you feel mentally better - sometimes mental 
powers cann keep you from getting sick bettwe than diluted flu strains in a 

of course YMMV

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