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[IP] Sure could use some advice

In a message dated 11/02/1999 Suzanne Hoppe wrote

>  Unfortunately, I have no diabetes support thanks to high cost 
>  of Insurance!!  

THAT sucks!!!  but here we all are...as long as you take our advice and 
suggestions as just that, and not divine wisdom (except for Randall...his IS 
divine wisdom!!)

>  But, my struggle is the carb counting.  Will this come natural after 
>  so long???  Is there anywhere I can read up more on how to do it???  
> Just looking for some "support" and "encouragment".  It will get 
> better... Right?

YES YES YES....it will get better and easier...you just have to keep plugging 
away...for a while you may have to lug a carb counting book in your purse 
with you, but I PROMISE, and I dont make promises lightly, before too  long, 
you will be able to eyeball a plate of food and make a damn close guess to 
the amount of carb thereon!

I use the B. Kraus carb counting book, and there are lots of others listed on 
the IP site.  and all packaged foods list the carb count...as with EVERYTHING 
in diabetes...your own personal mileage may vary, so if the package SAYS says 
15 grams and you bolus 1 unit, and you still end up 290, you know the package 
might be off, or the weight, or hidden fat...there is ALWAYS gonna be an 
"or."  but that is what is so great about pumping...If you do mess up and 
don't bolus enough for somethng you eat, you can QUICKLY, DISCREETLY and 
PAINLESSLY fix it in a twinkling of an eye...opps I am 160...you can pop in a 
quick .4 units or whatever lowers you 20 points, and BAM there you are at 
140...happy day!

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