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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

Hi Suzanne,
This is quite common for bloodsugars to go up the week before your cycle 
starts. I have talked to other diabetic women about this as I have the same 
problem and many have said the same. I am still on MDI, awaiting the pump 
and was wondering the same thing. When I was chatting with other pumpers on 
Monday night the trainer said that I would need to do a temporary change in 
my basal rates to compensate for this. It will be interesting to see the 
responses to this part of your question. Wish I could help you 
more...Carolyn Green

>From: "Suzanne Hoppe" <email @ redacted>

>2)  This is for the woman.  Sorry guys if I'm getting alittle "personal"
>here, but, when you go through your cycles ladies, do you see your basal
>rates need to be adjusted???  It seems my rates are perfect and then 
>right before I start my cycle, haven't eaten, my blood sugars go up, and
>then they go way down during my cycle.  Any suggestions on that would sure
>help me out!!!
>Thanks so much everyone :-)

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