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[IP] protein diet

I am a 30 year old type 2 female diabetic.      I    went on the mini med 507c pump in September because I am extremly insulin resistant. The diet that I am on is the Dr, Atkins diet in the book he claims that it is safe for diabetics taking insukin and that on this diet you will actually be able to reduce the number of units you take. I have been on this program for a week now and have lost almist 10 pounds in the week that I have been on this. As for my blood sugars they have been awesome this past week they have been around 88 to 104. As for  feeling hypo this morning was the first time my blood sugars fell under 70. My Dr, does not know that I am doing this diet and that it has put me into ketosis. With being a type 2 diabetic I do not have the same problem with the ketoacidosis that type 1's do but I still wonder if this diet can be causeing damage to my kidneys as well. So any input thay any of you have would be appreciated..
                                                kim mckone