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[IP] doc appt tomororw, flu shot

hi all---
 Tomorrow I see my endo in teh afternoon, as well as
meeting the pediatrician I saw when i did the talk in
front of the docs, so maybe he will become my new
PCP.TOday I haven't checked so much, b/c I feel so
crappy, that time of the month and my back is killing
me has been all week from moving stuff from one
building to another..(last time i carry a full size
table down stairs!) so i'm moody b/c I'm in pain. I'm
propbably gettnig a flu shot tomorrow. What I have
noticed over my 11 yrs with D, i never used to get the
shot b/c when I did i got teh stomach flu. So for
years I stayed away and never got sick with the flu or
stomach flu. Last year i did get the shot..guess what,
ended up in hospital with the stomach flu again. Maybe
a coincidence, but I doubt it. I'll probably get the
shot anyway tomorrow and if I end up in hospital again
this winter, then it will have to be the shot.
HOwever, y'all are scaring me, first my dad got the
shot a few weeks back and felt sick after it, and i
don't wnat to feel any worse than i do right now, and
2. if my bg's are already 400 and HIs, how much higher
can teh shot send them? Well, i guess it would still
be HI, i just wouldn't know how much over...
 oh well. NHS induction tonight, i'm going need a lot
of pills to keep me sitting still! my back and stomach
hurt so much!
 wish me luck at my endo's appt tomorrow, not sure
what i'm expecting and if i feel crappy like today i
may not be as "pushy" as i should be....
 Type 1--3/7/89

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