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[IP] Basal Rate and Insulin Resistance

I am a college student so when I go to school my basal rate needs to be
higher to count for the "stress factor"  My rate is as follow: 12:00
am=.7, 4:00am .9, 6:00am 1.2, 12:00pm to midnight is .7  .    My
question is, is it unusual to have such a change in basal rates from the
1.2 from 6-12 then drop it all the way down to .7 at 12:00pm.  I am
wondering if I am building up insulin resistance in the mornings by
setting my basal rate so high.  I really don't get many lows at school.
Once in awhile.  More unexplained highs than anything.
Sometimes I can start my morning at 6:00am with a BG of 92 and by
12:00pm it can be around 140-150.  Not always but sometimes.   I don't
eat until after I get home from school which is about 12:30pm.  So have
I trained my body to require the added insulin in the mornings.  If I
lowered the basal rate in the morning and just let my blood sugars run
high for a little while would my body get use to the lower/lesser basal
rate and not require as much insulin.

I know strange question but just curios.  Going from 1.2 to .7 seems
like such a huge difference for a basal rate.


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