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Re: [IP] Flu shot


now this is very interesting.

geneva and I had our flu shots last sat.   it hurt briefly and then for
about an hour..but it was fine that whole day.

I just looked at geneva's log from that day and it was so odd.  her blood
sugars skyrocketed up to 489 at 2 pm and then 500 at 3 pm.  we thought it
was a bad site.  so we changed out.  gave an injection.

whether this is coincidence or not...who knows.  I thought it was a bad
site.  but we were only on day #2!!!

so...perhaps the flu antibodies caused this reaction.  other than that...she
felt fine .  no problems.

I would just be aware of a spike in blood sugars that day.  just keep an eye
on it.

I had the flu last year so I was not taking any chances.  have asthma...so
felt compelled.

good luck...ruth

Matt is scheduled for his flu shot on
> Friday.  Is it worth it?  This will be his first flu shot ever in his

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