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[IP] Write Mini Med

Suzanne Hoppe wrote:

> 1)  It seems like whenever I change my infusion set, I use the SoftSet, I
> always seem to pick a "wrong" site.  I end up taking it out and using
> another set.  This is getting expensive and it worries me.

 Sara wrote
"At this point, I don't think SofSets are available as just the infusion
set without the tubing. It would be nice if they were. You CAN just
change the site, and throw away the extra tubing -- that, at least,
wouldn't waste the insulin, and makes the set change a little faster,
provided you have enough insulin in your syringe to last until next
time! :)

Sils ARE available as a combo pack of 10 buttons and 5 tubings, and a
lot of people are using them that way with no problem. I wonder if
MiniMed will get the message! "

Mini Med, good as they are, will not sell the silhouettes infusion set 
alone. I have written and called them about this for over a year.   They 
say until the demand is there, they won't do it. Even though I have a dr  
awer full of  unused tubing and have asked them to take it back, recycle 
it, etc.   They have combo packs with  5 single infusion sets and 5 
infusion sets with tubing.  So they already make them in a single infusion 
package, they just won't sell them that way to us.


I have problems with sites and often go through two infusion sets (not 
reservoir or tubing) or more to get a good site to last 2-3 days.  I have 
begged them to sell me the sets alone (I would buy three or four times as 
many sets as tubing.)  But they know they have us cornered.   AHHHH, 
Bonnie Richardson

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