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Re: [IP] Feel great - but extremely sleepy

> I get up at 2 am each night to test my daughter, geneva and I know
> exactly what you are talking about!  this is why new moms are so
> exhausted.
As long as you are up only briefly, you can acclimate to this 

> if you are disturbing your REM period...which you prob. are...you
> will exhibit fatigue symptoms usually in the afternoon...right after
> lunch and up until about dinnertime.
> maybe you could test  at midnight and then 4 am?  alternate times at
> night?

Twice is worse. It also will be very disturbing to your child's sleep 
pattern. They can also better tolerate the one wake up.
Also, I've noticed that if I catch a low by 2 - 2:30, there is no 
crash, although after I've awakened Lily if she tests low, we may see 
a drop as much as 100 - 200 points (equivalent because of glucose 
intake). I really don't want to think about what another hour or two 
would have produced. Somehow or other her body "hangs" on for a while 
before really tanking it.
> it is tough...but eventually your basals will be set at night and
> you may not have to check.
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