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[IP] soon-to-be pumper

Hello everyone. My name is Sharon and I am mom to Coble, 5 year-old boy dx
Oct. 97.  We are fairly new to the list and I have never posted but am doing
so now because Disetronic called to say that our pump is on the way!  I'm
excited and scared to death!  I'm not sure when we will actually get started
pumping, but I feel that I'm prepared (this list has been invaluable! and
I'm reading Pumping Insulin now.)One concern of mine is that Coble (who is
excited about the pump) will decide that the pump "bothers" him  (ie, while
playing, sleeping, etc) Any advice? Also, to other parents, how did you get
started?---did they stay home from school for a few days, did you do it over
a weekend, should I wait for the holidays, etc.? We will go into the
hospital but I assume that I can choose the timing. Any recommendations
would be appreciated.

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