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[IP] Flu shot

I've received the flu shot for years and this year learned two things to pass 

After feeling badly that I postponed for so long I was told that it was a 
good thing, as it lasts for 90 days and early November is a better than 
getting it in October.  

I am miserable today, as I received it yesterday and now I can't seem to get 
my bgs to come down.  I thought with the pump, I'm new to it this year, this 
wouldn't happen, yet it did.  My readings are in the high 400s and low 500s  
(this NEVER happens) and I have upped my rate, taken additional bolusses and 
waited with no change.  I just injected a few units and have put a call in to 
my Dr.   It is like having a viral thing and I remember reading a post from 
someone asking about possible reactions or changes in bgs. FYI, be prepared 
for some "downtime" after the flu shot.

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