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[IP] QR irritation -- any suggestions?

I recently started pumping saline, and am finding that the insertion 
site is more comfortable than I thought!  The sofserter is great, I 
didnt even feel the needle go in.  However, the edges of the QR are 
a little flat and rough, and Im finding that this keeps giving me a 
pinching sensation as the edge rubs against the skin.

I could probably put tape on the QR, but that seems like it would 
be messy and a pain to remove when disconnecting.  Anyone 
experience this and have suggestions?  

Minimed also sent me a big box of extra dressings.....  I know 
some people put an extra one on and insert through it, but besides 
that is there any other use for them? Perhaps put it over the 
dressing with the hole -- it seems like water might be able to get in 
the tiny crack where the tubing runs underneath.


Ricky (who cant wait to start insulin!)
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